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Digitalwave people have mastered the art of providing online services for more than a decade. Since the time of our establishment, this industry has undergone major changes and is changing nearly every day. Experience alone, without innovation, is not sufficient these days, that is why our efforts are focused towards the new waves of the online world created by Google and Facebook. We offer customized solutions from social communication through application development to internet server services by taking advantage of the technologies used and provided by these two internet giants. Our company is part of the Multeam 360 Communication group.

Let’s work

According to an English proverb, “Jack of all trades, master of none”. That's why we don't act according to the cliché and do not consider ourselves an online handyman. Only those services will be described here of which we think we can accomplish at a fairly competitive level.

  • Facebook

    We got involved in the potentials offered by the social media when our customers and competitors had not taken it seriously yet. As a result, we have accumulated considerable experience and completed dozens of successful campaigns over the years.

    We offer comprehensive Facebook services such as timeline design, content management, advertisement management, application development, etc. Each of our applications fits our customers' unique needs. We consider it very important during our campaigns to not only meet the needs of the target group but to fully comply with the Facebook’s terms of use.

  • Application development

    One of our strengths is the development of online applications which require unique design and complex programming. We are pleased to have had the opportunity during the recent years to take part in the implementation of complex projects in such areas as the building industry, medical sciences and language technologies.

    • Grimm Online

      Grimm Online

      The Online Dictionary System of GRIMM Publishing House allows the users not only to look up the entries available in paper-based dictionaries but to get the translation of each word in a longer text portion.

    • TERC


      As a result of our efforts, TERC Kft’s internationally leading full-featured Online Construction Budgeting Programme “ÖNKÖLTSÉG” (in English: cost price) was released in 2008. It was followed by the TERC-ETALON Budget Writer programme in 2010 which was also developed by us. These developments laid the foundation for our long-term strategic cooperation with TERC Kft.

    • Országos Gyermektumor Regiszter

      Hungarian Childhood Cancer Registry (OGYR)

      The Hungarian Childhood Cancer Registry has been supporting the work of Hungarian paediatric oncologists for many years. We were pleased to take part in the development of the registry in collaboration with the physicians of the SOTE Pediatric Clinic II, Semmelweis University.

  • Online services for events

    As a member of the Multeam360 Group, we have many joint projects with the co-agencies. As a result, the online services provided for events have developed into an independent business over the years.

    Online services for events
    • Mass e-mailing to even hundreds of thousands of contacts

    • Design and programming of online registration interfaces

    • Offering Google Drive administration interfaces

    • Design and programming of event sites

    • Online ticketing system with card payment and e-invoices

    • Technical background using our own server park (domain, storage, e-mail)